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Dr. Devin Ramsden


Dr. Devin Ramsden grew up in Elk Grove, California. After a brief stint at Brigham Young University in Hawaii, he completed his education at BYU Idaho, culminating in a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) from Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona.

During his schooling, Dr. Ramsden honed his skills in implant placement and restoration, garnering valuable experience in these specialized areas. His childhood experiences, spending frequent visits to the dentist due to cavities, sparked his passion for dentistry. Inspired by the care and guidance he received from his own dentists, he was driven to help others in the same way.

In his practice, Dr. Ramsden prioritizes patient communication, taking the time to truly understand their needs and concerns. He believes that this personalized approach is paramount, viewing it just as crucial as x-rays and cleanings. Listening attentively allows him to provide the best possible care for his patients.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Ramsden loves spending quality time with his wife and two sons. He's an avid sports enthusiast, particularly enjoying NBA basketball and participating in various sports. Camping, outdoor adventures, and woodworking also rank among his favorite pastimes. When seeking a quieter moment, he indulges in reading a good book.

Driven by his faith and a deep sense of service, Dr. Ramsden sees his work as a way to honor God and treat his patients like family. He is thrilled to be part of the Blanchard community and looks forward to raising his boys in Oklahoma.

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