Removal of problematic teeth promotes better oral health.

Find Relief From Tooth Pain with Gentle Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are routine procedures our doctors perform to keep problematic teeth and tooth pain from interfering with a healthy smile. We understand that losing natural teeth is never easy. Many Norman, OK, patients have concerns about how their smile will look after tooth extractions, or are fearful of the procedure itself. But we want our patients to know that tooth extractions are a positive step in the direction towards better oral health! Oral problems like infected teeth, an impacted tooth or extensive tooth damage carry a host of other concerns, and can even impact general health and well-being. From simple extractions of baby teeth to surgical removal of wisdom teeth, our team at Rose Rock Dental offers the gentle tooth extractions and tooth replacement solutions your family needs to enjoy healthy, comfortable smiles.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extractions

  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Advanced bone loss
  • Dental implant preparation
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment

Tooth Extractions for Dental Implant Placement

Replacing an extracted tooth as soon as possible is very important for your oral function and health of your smile. Dental implants look, feel and act like real teeth, and offer patients the best option for tooth replacement, in most cases.

As a full-service implant practice, our experienced doctors often can remove hopeless or failing with tooth extractions and place dental implants within the same visit.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Preserve Future Oral Health

Our doctors also provide wisdom tooth extractions, and often can keep your family from having to be referred out for this type of procedure. Located in the back corners of the mouth, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt and present oral complications for a large number of Norman, OK, patients. In many cases, there simply is not enough space to accommodate full eruption of these teeth, leading to tooth impaction, damage to nearby teeth and other significant dental problems. We begin evaluating for wisdom tooth extractions in the early teen years. Removing wisdom teeth when patients are teenagers or young adults generally allows for faster healing and reduced chance of future oral problems.

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