Dental Implants

Implants are a permanent solution to help restore the look and function of your teeth.

Dental Implants Look, Feel and Perform Like Real Teeth

Losing natural teeth is never easy. Everything from your ability to bite and chew comfortably to your appearance and self-confidence is affected. Our team at Rose Rock Dental understands these challenges and is proud to offer the life-changing solution of dental implants. Dental implants consist of biocompatible titanium screws that act as tooth roots and lifelike crowns, dentures or full arch prosthetics that replaces the visible portions teeth. Dental implants can replace any number of failing or missing teeth, and fuse with the jawbone for incomparable strength and lasting stability. This permanent option can also replace any number of missing teeth, from a single tooth to an entire upper or lower arch. With a look, feel and function that rivals natural teeth, it is easy to see how dental implants have risen to become the preferred tooth replacement solution among Norman, OK, patients! Our doctors have advanced expertise and training in all phases of dental implant care, and can prepare your mouth for implant success. As a full-service implant practice, we skillfully place and restore single dental implants, full arch dental implants and implant supported dentures to meet the varying tooth replacement needs of our patients. In many cases, we can remove hopeless teeth with tooth extractions and place dental implants within the same visit. If you have bone loss, our bone grafting procedures can rehabilitate your jaw to create the adequate bone support dental implants need to work. No matter your tooth replacement needs, our caring team is here to help you fully enjoy life after tooth loss!

Complete Your Entire Implant Procedure in One Location

Our skilled dentists routinely place and restore dental implants, and complete entire implant procedures from the convenience and comfort of our friendly Norman, OK, practice. This saves you from having to visit multiple practices to complete your treatment, and provides comfort in knowing that the same team is performing your care every step of the way. Committed to precision and excellence, we utilize advanced CBCT imaging and guided implant surgery to ensure accurate surgical placement of dental implants and exceptional end results for your smile.


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