Safe and Effective Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually come out between ages 17 and 25. It is highly recommended for wisdom teeth to be removed if they are impacted or crowding your other teeth. When you postpone wisdom teeth removal, it increases the possibility of a wisdom tooth infection.

Rose Rock Dental in Norman, Oklahoma is dedicated to providing the safest and most convenient wisdom teeth extractions in a welcoming environment. Dr. Ben Humphrey is an experienced professional dentist who loves caring for his patients more than anything. If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, you can count on Dr. Humphrey at Rose Rock to extract them before the problems get worse.

Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  • Your jaw is too small to accommodate the rest of your teeth, which crowds the mouth and causes the wisdom teeth to become
  • Your wisdom teeth appear crooked. This can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and the jaw while also causing bite problems.
  • You have one or more wisdom teeth that are only halfway exposed, increasing your risk for bacterial infection.
  • You’ve developed an infection because of a cyst that has developed around the site of the wisdom teeth. This can also cause injury to the nerve tissue or bone.

How the Process Works

When you come into Rose Rock Dental for a wisdom teeth extraction, you will first be anesthetized through general or local anesthetic. Dr. Humphrey will then carefully extract the wisdom teeth with the help of our expert staff, and once the extraction is finished he’ll stitch up the gums around the empty sockets.

Wisdom teeth recovery will last for a few days, but we will fully inform you of the steps you should take to effectively heal after the procedure.

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