Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatments Norman, Oklahoma

If you have ever had tooth decay and the pain that accompanies it, you know that you would do almost anything to get that fixed. Root canals or endodontic treatment is the way that your teeth can be fixed if you have had the misfortune of having tooth decay.

Many people fear the root canal procedure because of the drilling that is associated with the procedure. However, Rose Rock Dental makes great efforts to ensure that the root canal procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Root canal treatments are one of the best ways to help fix a decayed tooth. The root canal treatment is done when the nerve of your tooth becomes infected and the pulp (soft area that is in the center of your tooth) becomes damaged.

When your trusted Norman, Oklahoma, dentists at Rose Rock Dental perform a root canal, they will remove the nerve and pulp. After the removal of the nerve and pulp, the inside of your tooth will be cleaned and sealed to prevent further damage.

Rose Rock Dental is serving Norman, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas with great root canal treatment services. You may be in need of this service if you have had experiences with severe pain when chewing, pressure, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, discoloration of your teeth, swelling and tenderness in gums, or a constant pimple on your gums.

If you have had any of these problems, give our trusted and skilled team at Rose Rock Dental a call to schedule a consultation at 405-360-7800.