Ready for Permanent Dentures?

Dentures can correct your smile.

Buying your first set of denture implants doesn’t have to be difficult or embarrassing. Conventional and newer models of dentures allow you to eat your favorite foods and feel proud of your smile. Rose Rock Dental offers a variety of options from partial to full dentures to get your smile back.

Standard Dentures

Traditional dentures are a quick way to replace teeth and restore your smile. Simply put, dentures are specially-made removable teeth that bond to your gums wherever your teeth are missing.

It’s crucial that your dentures fit correctly and comfortably in your mouth. For the most comfortable dentures, come in to Rose Rock Dental for a custom fitting. We craft a dental impression of your mouth to shape your dentures. These personalized permanent dentures are hardy. The end result is a pair of natural-looking teeth that blend into your mouth seamlessly. Once you get your new dentures, we will teach you proper use and care.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Permanent dentures are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Like dental implants, these dentures anchor to titanium-alloy posts inserted into your jaw to act as tooth roots. These tough posts last a lifetime and eliminate issues standard dentures often present. Each set is tailor-made to match your mouth. Although it involves oral surgery, implant-supported dentures are a long-lasting solution to lost teeth.

At our office, we are thrilled to perform these efficient denture treatments. We enjoy seeing the good denture implants can do to get our patients back to eating foods they love and flashing the awesome smiles they deserve. If you currently have dentures that need adjustments, we can fix them for you. Our sophisticated dental lab can handle most denture repairs.

If you would like to book your denture implant appointment, need denture repair, or have any questions about our process, reach out to us today.